Every 30 days we recommend taking these steps to avoid damage and maximize the life of your Onward Personal Transportation Vehicle .

Your gasoline powered Onward is designed and built to deliver years of trouble-free service and fun. To keep your vehicle in good working condition and preserve its life, it is important to practice regular preventive maintenance.To protect your investment, we recommend performing the following tasks once a month.
  • Keep the battery clean and free of corrosion by washing the tops and terminals monthly. Use a solution of one cup baking soda per one gallon of water. Do not allow the solution to enter the batteries and thoroughly rinse the solution off the batteries by simply placing your thumb over the end of a water hose. Do not use a pressure washer for washing your battery as it could cause damage. Let the terminals dry and coat them with Battery Terminal Protector Spray, which is available from your local Authorized Club Car Dealer. Use battery corrosion preventative spray once a month to prevent corrosion.

  • Check the torque on the battery nuts and adjust according to your owner’s manual. Club Car suggests periodic checks to ensure the battery nuts are torqued to 110” lbs.  Poor battery cable contact due to improper torque can create high resistance connections that will increase amperage and reduce run time. To check to see if the battery nuts are in immediate need of being torque, firmly move the battery cable from side to side. If the terminal ends move under the battery nut, it is necessary to have the battery nut torqued immediately. 

If you have questions regarding monthly maintenance issues, please see your owner's manual or contact your local Authorized Club Car Dealer.

  • Check the engine oil level monthly on your gasoline powered Onward. Change your engine oil and filter after the first 100 hours of operation, then after each additional 200 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first.

  • Check the air pressure in your tires and adjust if necessary. Depending on your tires, air pressure will vary. See our reference guide for more information.  Low tire pressure will reduce vehicle run time due to adding more rolling resistance which pulls more power from your engine.

  • Wash the engine compartment and the underside of your vehicle with a garden hose. Do not wash the engine while it is hot, as this could result in damage.